COVID-19 Update

We are open!

Please feel free to call the office with any questions or concerns about your care at any time.  812-477-4444

We will continue to treat patients but are taking every precaution to help keep our patients and staff safe.

Updated Office Policies

Please call the office about your appointment or to reschedule if any of the following apply.

  1.  You or someone you know has had a fever or has been sick in the last 2 weeks.
  2. You or someone you know has been in contact with anyone that has had a positive test for covid-19.
  3. If you have traveled within the last 2 weeks, especially if you were in an area with a large number of reported cases of covid-19
  4. If you have any specific health concerns including but not limited to a compromised immune system, asthma or chronic lung disease, diabetes,  or other issues that put you more at risk for complications such as uncontrolled underlying medical conditions.
  5. If you are over 65.

To minimize the risk of transmission we have made the following changes;

  1. Each check in station has a stylus available to use instead of touching the screen.  They will be disinfected between each use.  Ask at the front desk
  2. Anyone accompanying a patient over the age of 18 is asked to wait in the car instead of the waiting room.
  3. We ask that minor patients be accompanied by only 1 adult when possible.
  4.  If you arrive early for your appointment you may call the front desk to check in and wait in your car for your appointment time.
  5. Please wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer upon arrival and departure.
  6. We are disinfecting the tables and equipment between each patient and the office staff is wiping down surfaces often throughout the day.
  7. Staff is not allowed at work if they or someone in their household is showing any signs of illness.

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