Dry Needling

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is where a thin monofilament needle of less than 0.3mm in diameter is inserted into tissues and in some cases down to bone. These are very thin needles with 10 fitting into the needle you get a vaccine shot with. Once inserted, the provider then provides manipulation to the needle with twisting motion or with hooking up to electrical stimulation (like a TENs unit). This can help with muscle strains, jaw pain, headaches, post concussion pain, osteoarthritic pain, low back pain, neck pain, etc. How it works- this increases blood flow to the area by 80% thereby increasing the nutrients and healing power, it increase lubrication to the joints, causes a release of natural opiods from the brain and with joint pain it increases young healthy cell production and decreases degenerative/old cell production. For some people dry needling alone may be beneficial but for most people this is an adjunct treatment tool. We use this therapy to help cause a ‘reset’ to the area and decrease pain. From there we then can treat the underlying dysfunction of a faulty movement pattern/muscles weakness. With osteoarthritis (both knee and hip) research studies have shown dry needling to be very effective in prolonging time and even preventing the need for a joint replacement!.

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