Health Tips

Healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle

Wash your hands. With soap and water. Hand sanitizer if soap and water is not available.

Cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing. Don’t uses your hands. Cough or sneeze into your elbow if a tissue is not available will cut down on the spread of disease. Your hands touch everything. Using the inside of your elbow you are less likely to pass on the germs.

Keep your hands off your face. Your hand are full of germs that you can’t avoid. Your face is a direct entry point to get them into your body.

Get plenty of rest. A good night sleep helps rebuild and recover from the day. This is essential in a healthy immune system. Get adjusted if you can’t get comfortable. Consider a new pillow or a lesson on how to sleep properly to decrease stress and have a better night sleep.

Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps to flush out toxins that you body doesn’t need.

Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals essential for good health.

Take a GOOD qualilty multivitamin. Come in and ask me about recommendations. (sorry, your One-A-Day from Wal-mart or CVS is not it, and “NO” it is also not “better than nothing”)

An apple a day– this is true! Apples are a great source of vitamins and FIBER. Fiber helps keep the bowels moving. If you are backed up you hold on to toxins longer than you should and this breeds sickness of all kinds. Consider eating a couple of apples a day. If you don’t like apples, add a fiber supplement for good colon health.


Germs are everywhere. 

Don’t be afraid of them…you CAN’T avoid them.

Keep yourself healthy and they will make you stronger.